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Archery Organisations
Burnie Bowmen Archery Club - Burnie Bowmen Archery Club of North-Western Tasmania home page.
Hobart Archers Club - Hobart Archers Club of Southern Tasmania home page.
Paringa Archery Club - Paringa Archery Club of Northern Tasmania home page.
Archery Tasmania - Archery Society of Tasmania home page.
Archery Australia - National controlling body for archery in Australia.
World Archery Federation - International governing body.

Archery Forum - Australia's biggest and best Archery forum.
Sagittarius Archery Blackboard - An excellent forum from a University in Holland. Frequented by many of the world's top archers.

KSL International Archery - Information by Kisik Lee (former Australian National Coach and author of 'Total Archery') describing his recommended 'Shot Cycle'.

General Information
Reference Guide for Recurve Archers - The definitive guide for Recurve Archers. (pdf 995kb)

Arrow Tuning and Maintenance - Easton guide to tuning. (pdf 1.5Mb)
Recurve Bow Setup - Setup Guide for Recurve Bows. (pdf 1.55Mb)
Make a Bowstring - Make your own bowstrings. (pdf 31kb)
Spotting Scopes - Guide to choosing a spotting scope. (pdf 20kb)
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