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(Mon to Fri)

The School Archery program aims to:

  • Promote the sport of archery within schools
  • Provide a safe and enjoyable outlet
  • Develop and apply self discipline
  • Encourage students of whatever age, gender or physical ability to participate on equal terms
  • Encourage and develop good sportsmanship and behaviour
  • Maintain a sense of worth and achievement
  • Teach good manners and etiquette in Sports
  • What is the School Archery program?
    The Paringa Archery Club School Archery program is a 1.5hr archery session. It was started by Tricia Freeman and built up by Ray Denton and is open to all schools. If you are looking for something more, then have a look at our STEM lessons.

    Who runs the program?
    The program is run by qualified coaches from the Paringa Archery Club.

    Do schools have to provide any equipment?
    The club supplies all the necessary equipment (Approx $300 per student). To minimise damage to the equipment, all archers start at the 10m distance. If an archer can shoot three consecutive ends (18 arrows) within the red rings of the target the Instructor may choose to allow them to shoot another 5m (15m) in distance.

    How much does it cost?
    Each session costs $15.00 per session per student. This covers all use of equipment, insurance, qualified coaching and the use of Club facilities.

    How large are the groups?
    The Club can offer archery sessions for school groups from 10 to 25 students at its ground in Reatta Road, Trevallyn. If groups are above 20 students 2 teachers/teachers aides or parents must accomp the group. The Indoor Range may be used if it's raining.
    Students must have solid footwear and for safety reasons baggy clothing must not be worn.
    Sessions are for 1.5 hrs. During this time the basics of archery are taught but we can tailor this to meet your requirements.
    Check the Paringa online calendar for Range availability
    Contact and School group co-ordinator is:
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